Better Data Export in Go is a service which tracks (scrobbles) the music you listen to no matter where it is stored or how you listen to it (local files, streaming serivces, YouTube, whatever else). It is also a social network of sorts and you can connect with other people and see what they’re... [Read More]
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Dockerizing Bokeh + Flask Application

I just Dockerized a fantasy-premier-league web app that uses Flask framework and Bokeh library to display interactive visualizations of various Fantasy Premier League data. It is most certainly not the greatest Docker setup ever to exist, however it is quite a step on my learning path. The app is running... [Read More]

Debugging custom BizTalk Adapters

BizTalk send and receive adapters can be debugged by attaching Visual Studio debugger to the BTSNTSvc.exe process, except for when debugging isolated receive adapters, in which case the debugger needs to be attached to the process that hosts the adapter. [Read More]
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WCF Extensibility & BizTalk

The WCF framework exposes the so-called extension points through which it is possible to implement additional functionalities in the WCF pipeline. One such extension point is MessageInspector object that can be used to change messages after they have been received at the service endpoint or before they are sent from... [Read More]
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